Scuba Dive The VI

Scuba Diving Virgin Islands
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St. Thomas reef scuba dive
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Discover shore scuba diving
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2 Hours Price per person Kid 12+

Included: PADI Dive instructor, complete dive gear (one tank), water. 

Bring: Sunscreen, towel, UW camera, cash for lunch/tipping.

St. Thomas $90

Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? With our discover scuba course we give you the opportunity to "try out" scuba diving at a fraction of the time and cost it takes to get certified! After a short 30 minute class with our highly trained PADI professional instructors, you and your personal divemaster will dive down to see beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish while experiencing the weightlessness of scuba diving! This scuba diving experience is by SHORE which allows you to go at your own pace and comfortability level. 

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Scuba diving with friends
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Shore dive Hull Bay St. Thomas
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Scuba Diving - Slideshow
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3 Hours* Price is per person, ONE tank dive

Included: All scuba gear (one tank), master diver, water.

Bring: Certification card, towel, cash for lunch, UW camera, 

St. Thomas $75

Want to get more bottom time with the beauty of tropical corals and fish? If so our shore dive is for you! Your personal divemaster will guide you along a thriving reef covered in purple, yellow and orange giant sea fans, corals, turtles, rays, elusive eels, lobster and maybe even a nurse shark! Are you an underwater photographer? If so you are in luck as our guides are experts in fiding macro life!

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Scuba diving St. Thomas
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Boat diving adventure - Slideshow
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Beautiful "Sun Coral"
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4 Hours* Price per person, Kids 12+ 

Included: Dive Gear, cooler of beverages

Bring: Sunscreen, towel, UW camera

St. Thomas $175

Lurk through caves or rusty old ships at the bottom of the ocean or search for macro creatures to photograph! No matter what type of dive you want, we can make it happen! This tour is customizable to your wants and desires. Come find out how diving our spots can be your adventure of a lifetime! We suggest you bring a light lunch with you on this tour. 

Experience Zen - Slideshow
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3 Hours*  Price per person, Kids 12+

Included: Dive Gear (One tank), Water.

Bring: Sunscreen, UW Camera, towel, cash for lunch/tipping.

St. Thomas $85

Look no further for a diving adventure like no other. We combine scuba diving with meditation. Non certified divers will take our short Discover Scuba course before embarking into approximately 16 feet of clear blue water for a "sit on the bottom" meditation experience. There's nothing quite like this adventure with only beautiful fish, corals and the sound of your bubbles surrounding you.

Exciting night dive - Slideshow
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Sleeping Parrots
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Lobster everywhere!
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Nocturnal fish time!
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2 Hours* Price per person, Kids 12+

Included: Dive gear, dive lights, wetsuit.

Bring: Water, towel, underwater camera.

St. Thomas $139

Spot sea creatures that are rarely, if ever, seen during the daytime as they become active at night. The darkness comes alive as you are guided through the alien landscape of our beautiful ocean at night. Whether it's your first night dive or not, this is a scuba experience you do not want to miss! *Please note: this is a shore dive.

* All tour times are approximate and may vary depending on weather conditions or your ship schedule. 

The STT Photo Package


Take the pressure off and let us document your adventure with high resolution pictures both above and below the water for only $40. We will take at least 50 pictures and then provide them all to you with a download link so that you'll have them to share with your family, friends or print into beautiful photographs.